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Welcome aboard !

We start our new venture, photographing real estate and products throughout Greece and the UK. We can achieve this by a very strong marketing campaign and using sub contract local professional photographers all vetted by us.

The best way to see what we do is to look at some of our work below.


real estate, selling, renting, hotels, restaurants etc

The images below were required by a relative who wanted to sell his property on the west coast of Portugal. We took several shots and added some additional highlights in Adobe Photoshop. The property sold very quickly.

Whilst we would not state that a property cannot sell without a good set of photographs, we would say that, no photographs or poorly taken photographs by amateurs would definitely hinder the sale of any property



commercial food & drink, clothing, jewellery, toiletries, vehicles, etc.

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Now, I must not stay on this podium too long as it could get boring.. BUT ! Have you looked at the photographs of food and drink at the tavernas and restaurants dotted around Crete. It must be the same on other islands and the mainland. I cannot abide looking at the photos either in menus, which I now refuse to look at, or on boards outside the restaurant, which is a big turnoff for me and may cause me to look elsewhere. Please, please, use a food stylist and a pro photographer if you must have photos and get a menu designed by an expert.

Check out our prices we are very competitive and no hidden charges.
  • piraeus ferry

    piraeus ferry

  • peugeot concept

  • oops !

    oops !

  • Back from the Sahara

  • I can dream ...

    I can dream ...

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The pictures are mine, except for ... yep you guessed it, the fabulous Mustang. I won't apologise, as I haven't been lucky enough to clap my camera on one so beautiful. One day maybe. If not, I'll just keep dreaming.


just to reiterate, we do not shoot weddings, save the day or birthday parties.

Red Cross charity event at Crete, Greece. The band is Change House.

This was a difficult shoot. Most of the evening the band were shrouded in smoke as the machine was doing overtime. I had to be patient to get these shots.

change house.jpg

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