What is Graphic design ?

the internet is awash with information to answer this question, but I believe the best and simplest answer would be " usually an illustration combined with text to send a message "

During the 1990s when commercial artists were experimenting with lots of colour, along came the computer which gave everyone, who could afford a PC access to the internet.
For some unknown reason these commercial artists who started to be known as Graphic Designers, used the internet to produce minimalistic designs. This idea was probably brought about by the rise of websites where minimalist design looked best and which of course is a fabulous outlet for a graphic designer.

What, you may ask, is the difference between a Graphic Designer and a Graphic Artist. As I have journeyed through this difference in my education I can clearly define the two:
A Graphic Designer will design through illustrations, shapes and text to form a message.
A Graphic Artist will design through illustrations, shapes and images to form an emotion.

Simple really !

We don't do graphic art, we are designers using illustrations, images and text to convey a message.

We design brands, logos, business cards, flyers, posters etc.

Our designs will be distinctive, appropriate, practical, simple, memorable, graphic, timeless ...

graphic-designer-icon.pngdesign_studio 1.jpggraphic-artist-icon.png

collection of graphics by terrybridgephotography

We are reasonably small agency compared to the well known Pavlov Visuals, Curve and Velvet Spectrum.

Many of these famous design studios work in typography and poster art, bringing their fabulous ideas to the movie and music industry. We mere mortals need to offer a broader spectrum of work to catch any search engine user or voyeur of adverts in social media. This is why TERRY BRIDGE Photography offer the following from our design studio:

Branding inc logo and paper designs with maximum of five business card

Logos                                       Pamphlets

Business cards                       Posters

Booklets                                  Menus


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