Business CMS price details

15 pages maximum.
Additional pages €150 ea. up to 20 maximum.
Additional eCommerce pages €200 ea.

50 images maximum.
Additional images €5 ea.

Price is based on 5 sliders with maximum 3 images per slider.

Additional images per slider €10 ea.
Additional sliders €15 ea.

Maximum 2 videos are included in the price, max 10 sec ea.

Additional video would be €50 if video provided by client or 3rd party.
Additional video would be €140 if video provided by us.

Longer timed videos would be charged at €50 per minute pro rata.

Price is based on 2 parallax features.

We would suggest that this is best for this size website.

Additional parallax features €15 ea.

A page is considered to be eCommerce if it allows the user to purchase goods or services online.

Price does not include eCommerce pages

Additional eCommerce pages €300 ea.

We use encrypted 3rd party forms which are very secure. One form is included in the price, additional forms €50 each.

Price includes a blog, sample blog entry with instructions and archive page.
Archive page is in addition to the 15  pages but free of charge.

Website will be in English.

All other languages will be €300 ea. except Chinese dialects where a quote will be given.

Price includes 3rd party software for setting up SEO, analysis by Google Analytics. Monthly reports analysed and put into easy to read text for client. 
All recommendations by Google will be carried out if logical.
Page speed tests will be carried out and reported to client.

If you require the marketing professional SEO please add €700 per month. See our Marketing page for further information.

3rd party SEO can be extremely expensive. Prices for campaign cost usually start around €1,000 and up to €30,000 with monthly costs as high as €3000. Reputable companies would join the campaign immediately after design, comment on design then engage with the content development to provide as much traffic to the site and as many keywords as possible.

We have shown an example of this on our Marketing page and a comparative price for us to carry out a similar service which will be in addition to our campaign cost.

The website will have access to social media with icon links to clients social media pages. If no social media pages are required, links will be to networks login pages.
Linkedin and Facebook offer blank pages for free.

The cost for adding a design and profile to a page for either Linkedin or Facebook will be €100 each in addition to campaign cost.

If you have a domain name and wish the site to be pointed at this name then all costs will be met by you via your ISP or domain name holder.

If you need a domain name then please let us assist you in picking a name as a well thought out name can greatly help SEO. Costs for the domain name can vary depending on the name but not usually more than €15 per annum.

We would be able to offer this assistance free of charge.

Your CMS or website will be hosted at Krystal Hosting Ltd
152 - 160 City Road

Costs ( collected monthly or yearly - yearly gets 2 months free ) for renting space on the server are not included in campaign cost.
Business servers are currently:
Small business - Emerald server @ £19 per month
Medium business - Sapphire server @ £37 per month

Prices are true at Sept 2023



To manage the website after campaign completion:

€160 per calendar month.

Social media marketing monthly cost including monthly reports = €600 
Price includes 2 social media networks, 6 posts per week and one ad to each network.

Email marketing will include customer relationship management ( CRM ). We will use either Mailchimp or Brevo software with a limit of 300 sends per day. Monthly design and set up costs for the emails will be €30 per client.

Should the client prefer managed emails with predictive segmentation by client such as Intuit Mailchimp then the cost for us would be €200 per ten ( 10 ) contacts.

All marketing costs are in addition to campaign costs.

please see our marketing page for further information.

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