A word of warning.

There is a tendency for some clients who purchase a website for advertising only to believe that once the cms or website has been published, the hardwork is finished and they have a website that can sit on the internet for years.
How wrong they are. There are so many factors that have to be managed regularly.

As well as paying for hosting and a domain, the legitimacy of the hosting company needs regular checking. If they go bust, you wont get notice. You will just lose your site. The privacy policy for visitors to your site will need updating from time to time. Governments regularly update their General Data Protection Regulations ( GDPR )
If you are in breach of these regulations you are liable to have your site removed. It is unusual for a site to  break  but it can and does happen. You wouldn't want a broken site to go unnoticed for months on end.

Sites that are not managed properly and regularly updated go stale and begin to lose visitors. Regular internet visitors ie customers get to know what trends well and won't spend much time on a stale site. If you cannot manage the site yourself then get a specialist freelancer or management company to do it for you.

The website opposite is how an unmanaged site looks to visitors.


If your site is looking stale, then we will rebuild the site with new up to date content.

We do not upgrade websites unless they have been built on a concrete5 platform.

overgrown website.jpg

Yes, I know it's a bit thin, but I like Mustangs !

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the explanations

Concrete CMS

Award winning ConcreteCMS is for us the go-to website builder. It's free open source software is so similar to word processing. It is built for developers and their clients from the ground up.
We've chosen Concrete CMS as the platform to construct our websites due to its user-friendly and intuitive editing interface, perfectly aligning with our website design philosophy. This choice empowers the client with complete control to effortlessly update every aspect of the site while benefiting from Concrete's remarkable combination of speed, flexibility, and security.
Trusted by governments and Fortune 500 companies around the world. It's very secure and stable.


A content management system (CMS) is a software application that is used to manage content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit, collaborate on publish and store digital content. Content in a CMS is typically stored in a database and displayed in a presentation layer based on a set of templates like a website.

concretecms summer award


SEO the three letter acronym for Search Engine Optimisation.
SEO is about providing great content for the visitor that answers their questions and gives them the information needed to fulfill searcher intent. And at the same time, making it easy for search engines like Google or Bing to crawl your site and understand what you’re offering on your CMS.


CTR is the click through rate usually reserved for marketing ads but can be useful to measure how a website or CMS is performing. The CTR comes from dividing the amount of site visitors by the amount of these visitors that clicked on links of your pages. This is measured by Google Analytics.


the design

our simple set of rules

  • Determine clients goals
  • Create structure
  • Create style
  • Plan SEO
  • Design for mobile first

determine client goals

We have the experience to make this a short process. If we can use one of our self crafted templates then this can be very quick. If not then we can advise the client how we may attain their goals.

Some may not be attainable and we would advise the client and maybe steer the design on a different path to achieve the success the client wants.

create structure

Following discussion with the client we determine if the site should be one page or several pages, whether it should be a blog, a website or a CMS content management service where the client has access to the editing of most of the site.

Our structure is then built using the software best suited to the clients needs.

create style

If the client is an established business, then they would probably have a company brand which we would follow. If the client is new to business or breaking into something new, then maybe one of our templates would suffice or we would discuss and agree new fonts, colours, types of images etc.
We do not design in grey and add colour later like some designers. we like to see the impact early.

plan SEO

Search engine optimisation. Using add on software we would design the site around SEO at every stage of design. The site would be integrated with Google Analytics and Google Business. If the site was bigger than 5gb we may enlist the help of an SEO specialist.
The site would be designed and developed to achieve the highest ranking pages possible. You can read more about SEO on our marketing page.

mobile first

iphone 13 mock up.jpg

Most designers and developers are working to a mobile first philosophy, which of course makes sense with the mobile phones being so much part of everyone's life. The smartphones still aren't great with animation from websites but it's getting better and soon won't be a problem for developers. We aim to ensure we will be right at the front when this happens. We have a great attitude for innovation and nothing that is trending will slip by us. Our ConcreteCMS community are always working on addons that assist us with the new smartphones.

the development

web developing

With the assistance of our developer, the design, for all intent and purposes is complete. The problem is that nothing works and nothing can be seen by the public. Our developer now has to add text and images to the pages, produce web based applications, social network apps and business applications. Even using a template design our developer still has to code and write markup language.
We concentrate on client side coding and server side coding.

Client-side coding 

This is a specific part of our client-server architecture or put simply, the user's browser requesting information from the web server to display on the user's device. We are keen to say device as we recognise that mobile is the fastest growing platform for the internet. Usually this is fairly ordinary and insecure. The requests are provided by scripts. We then have to give these requests more purpose by coding on the web server to add interest and more interaction by the user. This is where the website comes alive.

Server-side coding

We code a script to run on the web server that will generate dynamic HTML web pages. The client's or user's browser can then display this HTML as interactive websites. The web server stores a database of all the files generating the website. Server-side coding scripts allow us to highly customise the response to a request ie to produce more interesting websites.

If you find even this simplified version of what we do confusing then just think of the " client " as your web browser ie Google Chrome and the " server " as where your website is stored.


Web Applications

Our developer is conversant with HTML and CSS pages and codes PHP, Python and JavaScript. We sometimes use templates as a framework but then pull them apart and recode to suit the client's wishes. This gives us the ability to create unique pages for the website or CMS.

Database Technology

Our developer is responsible for:
Information management
Business processes
Data analysis
Database design ( if necessary )
Client-Server architecture
Troubleshooting database


We are resonsible for two areas of security. The security of the website and the security of the end user whilst viewing the website. We have a secure log in system for access to the website and our host has a very effective security for the live site by encrypting the information supplied to the end user. 

the publishing

When we publish

We are pleased to be connected to Krystal Hosting Ltd of London. We believe their servers to be the fastest and most secure around. See below for an outline of their many features.

Publishing isn't just a matter of pushing a button. We help the client decide what platform is best for their site, then if contracted to we will manage the overseeing of the site throughout its existence.


Publishing a Content Management System

If we are developing a content management system, we are developing it " live " and the data is continually being published to the web server where it can be requested by the end user's browser. The domain can be shielded from the public by the developer until such time as the CMS is complete. The cost for hosting the CMS will be met by the client outside of the campaign cost.

We would publish a weblog in a similar manner.

Publishing a Static Website

If we are developing a static website we design and develop the whole site offline on one of our servers. When complete we publish the whole site onto a Krystal Liteserver, which renders the site into the public domain. Once again, the cost for hosting the website will be met by the client outside of the campaign costs.


the market

If you've ordered a website, blog or CMS from us then you've already started the marketing process.


This is what we call Digital Marketing.

From our web build you get SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media presence. PPC needs to be added to the social media network. SEO and content need to be regularly updated as part of a marketing strategy.






One of the most important tasks to get right as this improves your business' online visibility through ranking highly on the search engines like Google. We will advise on the best keywords ( words and phrases that the user may use to search the internet ) This is an essential part of the CMS or website so we can use 3rd party software to test and report on the performance of the website. It is essential to regularly update the SEO on your site as Google will lower your ranking on a stagnant site.

See below for pricing examples.


A long term strategy marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. For a few years now Google has been first up ranking sites by the content. They will rank highly when they consider the content contributes to a good user experience. We will always endeavour to provide a great user experience and develop the content to pick up users' search terms. We can use 3rd party software to test and report on the performance of the website. The content must be regularly updated to satisfy the search engines algorithms.

Social Media

This strategy focuses on increasing your online presence, your brand and achieving more conversions that mean more revenue. To be most effective with social media marketing you need to pay for localised PPC advertising. SMM should be part of a long term plan. You may not get many customers directly from the social media service but the main point is that the adverts and clicks on your page drive many users to the website where we can strive to convert them to customers. 

In addition we can arrange the following which is extra to the campaign. Prices for arranging and monitoring pay per click are noted on the website pricing structure under the tab Digital Marketing. It is considered that client would pay this direct.




Pay Per Click Advertising

The business, only pays, when somebody, the user, clicks on the advert. Generally businesses rank very highly when pay per click is used. PPC is a great way to advertise your business. You will have seen these adverts at the top of every Google page. They have the little green tag with Ad on it. 

High visibility for your business with us targeting hundreds of keywords.

Most of the social Media networks have PPC with Facebook being the most favourable. The prime mover with PPC on social media is that the adverts can be targeted to groups of users based on demographics, interest in topics, or other data gathered by the network. Facebook seemingly fits the bill perfectly.

SEO marketing

pricing 1.jpg

This is a pricing table for an average SEO marketeer from the USA. These prices are for 2019. We had to go back that far to find someone who actually showed a price for their work.

pricing 2.jpg

This is our pricing table from 2019 for similar marketing position. These prices are part of our main prices page.

email marketing


One of the most cost-effective digital marketing services is email marketing.
This service also focuses on building brand awareness and brand loyalty, which lead to increased sales. With email marketing it is easier to measure conversion rates so it is a popular marketing strategy for business. In the US, email marketing has been measured as a return of over 40:1. No ( ROI ), return on investment can better that.

We have several email marketing tools at our disposal. They are the experts at this type of marketing and whilst they may appear expensive the measured ROI is high.
Marketing tools:
We like these best,
Brevo, formerly Sendinblue


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