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Being a septuagenarian I have a long history with the camera. I have a real passion for photography whether it's mine or somebody else's in a book or gallery. Kids used to tease me about going to bed with my camera. I wasn't as bad as that, but not far off.
I met an Israeli guy, who was a professional photographer, when I was working in London and he would coach me if I assisted him. He gave me an old Praktica with a CZJ lens and it got my interest in photography going again. I had previously fallen out of Art School after just two semesters. I've been hooked ever since.

My interest in computers began when my son started playing football at a very early age. The club wanted me to be a Secretary if I remember correctly so they gave me a PC. I was immediately enthralled with the word processing. Then we got laptops at work but it wasn't until the mid 1990s that I became really interested as they released the World Wide Web and life would never be the same again. 


Images and Websites Portfolio

Images throughout the digital age and some websites and CMS we've built since the millenium. All images by Terry Bridge Photography are copyrighted. Many of these images have been taken under contract.

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