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image of my new bench

My last bench was very large and wouldn't fit through the wood store door. So, rather than cut down the existing bench, I decided to build a new one. This one would have a better design and feature the ability to have my table saw on one level and when converted to a mitre saw it would be on a different level.

I wanted all the framing components to be attached.

image of new bench cross bars
cutting for first 12mm ply sheet
third plywood cutting sheet
corner details of new bench

Having spent hours looking through plans for workbenches that transform into useful bits of furniture, I realised that I would have to come up with my own design.

I have to move out of our store attached to the rear of the house and transform our timber store. Probably a good idea as the timber store is a bit of a mess and the store needs sorting out big time.
The hand drawing to the left was my final design.

I have since decided to add more drawers and make both stands as drawer units.


image of bench corner posts

Trying to keep costs down I've used some stock planed softwood 95 x 22mm. I wanted to use layers of glued plywood for stability but the cost was prohibitive. 95 euros for a sheet of 12.7mm plywood is excessive.

To try and keep stability I glued two pieces together under press. There was a small amount of instability but nothing a bit of planing and sanding wont cure.

I had to stop to make some new jigs for the circular saw as the table saw will be out of action until the new bench is built. With my disability, the sheets of ply for the boxing in, even cut in half, were proving difficult to handle.

plywood cutting sheet

Current project

Downsizing the workbench

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