First and foremost we have to promote our company to a higher level, hence the new website. This website will form the basis of our new marketing drive. We can then concentrate all our efforts on applying our experience and technical expertise to ensure the resolution of all our clients' challenges. Furthermore we are bound by our own policy to deliver our clients' wishes and showcase their brands to a new level. Within an industry that moves faster than any other we have to quickly adapt to change and be part of new design and development, especially with regard to content management systems ( cms ). I'm excited about our new policy with reference to photography. Using local talent allows us to broaden our horizons and give some help to climate control

Terry Bridge CEO


We aim to build relationships within our industry and use these relationships to continually check our market place for new ideas. We will maintain our vigilance over our competitors to ensure we can stay ahead of them. We aim to embrace change and always be open to innovation. We will continue to advertise for expert help with our photography and to maintain our reputation of goodwill to our clients. We aim to encourage all our sub contract help to embrace our passion and to give our clients the utmost respect

We apologise to mobile and tablet viewers where the parallax is turned off and the large images do not display well.


We recognise that all businesses have a story to tell. We would embrace that story and tell it through the website or the CMS. But this story must also be told through the businesses' branding, ie the logo and all the marketing digital or otherwise. Many of the very modern sites have too much fancy technical design going on that the clients' brand is getting lost. We ensure that your branding via font, photos and colourization is carried through the site on every page. Do you have an existing brand. Is it memorable, distinctive. What does the future hold for your brand. We can design your brand that will attract attention and drive success.
TERRY BRIDGE Photography


We are only a small company based on the wonderful Greek island of Crete. We are small but with big ideas and have embraced the very modern trend of using local sub contract professional photographers. This allows us to take on contracts throughout Greece and the islands and also throughout the UK with the exception of Northern Island. All these photographers will be experienced professionals vetted by us. This will go a small way to reducing the company's carbon footprint. Every project is inspected by the CEO, Terry Bridge, before issue to the client. Of course not forgetting our money back policy. Also, a very big thankyou to those wonderful people at Unsplash, who have contributed to the hero headings, Balazs Ketyi, Bruce Mars, Erik Maclean, Eugene Tkachenko, Evan Fitzer, Jeff Hopper, Icon8, Kawe Rodrigues, Krisztian Tabori, Tran Mau Tri Tam.
All easy see visual images are by Terry Bridge Photography. We have tried to only use 3rd party for heavily overlaid images in videos and hero images.


the turquoise water in Loutro bay
Fishing boats at rest in Souda port.
Chania harbour showing Venetian shipyards.
Fisherman mending nets on Georgioupoli jetty
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